Duty Belt (NYPD) (Used)
Cooper Campbell with Safariland LLC (Maui Acquisition Corp.), Motorola Mobility (Lenovo), Blackhawk (Vista Outdoor Inc.) and Unknown  
Assembled 2020-2021
Brass, Chrome, Leather, Plastic, Steel

    Formerly the property of a now retired NYPD officer; Duty Belt (NYPD) (Used) contains a holster for each piece of equipment permitted for use by an on-duty NYPD officer. The holsters are empty and will remain so due to the stipulations laid out in Article 265 of NYC’s Penal code on civilian possession of weapons and equipment used by the NYPD.
    There exists no readily accessible public record of what an on-duty NYPD officer may or may not carry in terms of equipment and weaponry. Limited press inquiries, publicly accessible production bid invitations, court records, and voyeuristic photographic documentation can inform to a large degree what the on-duty officer may employ; that information is only available due to the efforts of the public. The acquisition of a used duty belt from a recently retired NYPD officer acts as an index for what an officer may carry, and in turn use against the civilian population of New York.
    From top to bottom:
        -Sam Browne Buckled Duty Belt, 2.25” (Mfg. Safariland Group, Model #87)
        -Mace/OC Spray Holder (Mfg. Safariland Group, Model #38)
        -Handcuff Pouch (Mfg. Safariland Group, Model #90)
        -Low-Ride Level II Holster for Glock 19 (Mfg. Safariland Group, Model #2955 ) (NYPD Issue)
        -Compact Light Holder (Mfg. Safariland Group, Model #7926)
        -Surgical Glove Holder (Mfg. Safariland Group, Model #33 )
        -Motorola Vertex Radio Holster (Unbranded) (NYPD Issue)
        -Taser X-26 Level 2 Duty Holster (Mfg. Blackhawk)
        -Baton Holder (Mfg. Safariland Group, Model 35)
        -Slimline Open Top Double Magazine Pouch (Mfg. Safariland, Model #079)
        -Belt Keepers 0.75” (Mfg. Safariland Group, Model #65)