Gold (4.2 Grams)
Cooper Campbell, Unknown
22 karat gold

    Gold crowns of the lower right side second molar, first molar, second premolar, canine, and lateral incisor of an unknown adult. Removed post mortem and sold/purchased at scrap value.
    The use of gold as a dental material is due to the physical characteristics of high purity gold alloys which readily resist corrosion and closely mimic the density of teeth. When gold is used as a crown or dental prosthetic and the owner of the prosthetic dies, to reclaim the value of the gold used in the prosthetic the entire tooth (teeth) must be removed as the metal has been cast into the structure of the tooth. The cost of the necessary surgical removal will often be more than what the gold is worth. The owner of the prosthetic will either be cremated or buried with the prosthesis in place.
    Gold (4.2 Grams) is available via a monthly lease contract with the monthly lease price corresponding to the spot price of one gram of gold (as per COMEX) multiplied by the weight