Untitled (Glaserner Mensch on loan from Deutsches Hygiene-Museum at Dresden is presented at the Buffalo Museum of Science)
Unknown (assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1937, 2019

Untitled (Earth as seen from a height of 30 miles.) (Photograph made using the Nazi designed V-2 rocket launched from White Sands, New Mexico by American Researchers.)
Unknown American Researchers, Wernher von Braun (assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1946-1950, 2019

Untitled (Twin Sunspots as observed by the Mt. Wilson Sun Tower)
Staff of the Mt. Wilson Observatory (assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1920 (approx), 2019

Untitled (Last View of Apollo 17 within Earth’s Atmosphere)
Unknown (assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1972, 2019

Untitled (Two Christmas Trees, President George H.W. Bush departing Marine 1 at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, Pier 6, New York, NY, November 1989.)
Unknown, (Assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1989, 2019

Untitled (Tawny Owl)
Eric Hosking, (Assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1937, 2019

Untitled (Weatherwise Volume 31 Number 4 August 1978, Spectacular solar flare photographed by Sky Lab 4)
The Crew of Sky Lab 4 (Gerald Carr, William Pogue and Edward Gibson), (Assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1973, 1978, 2018

Untitled (Investigators surveying the wreckage of Space Shuttle Challenger)
Unknown, (Assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1986, 2018

Untitled (“ACK-9: Nostromo’s Computer, “Mother,” wakes the crew from hypersleep.” And “ACK-10: Parker (YAPHET KOTTO) and Kane (JOHN HURT) awake from hypersleep.” Lobby Card from Alien (1979))
Ridley Scott, Derek Vanlint, (Assembled by Cooper Campbell)
1976, 2016-2017