Cooper Campbell with assistance from Pedro Lozada.
Oregon Maple Tree

    A roughly 65 year old Oregon Maple tree (Acer macrophyllum) was removed from a 7 acre property in Multnomah County in the spring of 2020. The Oregon Maple was displaced to both make way for and prevent damage to the residential redevelopment of the site by the landowners following their purchase of the property in 2019.
    Snag is currently installed on private property outside of Scappoose, Oregon however the work is available for purchase and can and will be moved to the preferred location of display by the new owner. Snag is not self supporting and only remains upright due to exterior bracing. Continued iterations and installations of this work will be contingent upon the environment or setting in which it is installed and to what degree of decay the tree has undergone during its previous installation. Attempts to preserve or artificially prevent the degradation of the tree or inoculate the tree against rot is not permissible per the purchase contract.
    Snag is an active biome and will continue to be processed by the environment of its installation throughout the duration of its material existence. This degradation of the work will not violate the terms of purchase nor will the contract become void upon the complete destruction of the tree.